How Do I Train My Dog To Listen When Distractions Are Present?

Most people say, “My dog listens great inside our home, but outside is a completely different story. How can you help me?” At Central Coast: Off Leash K9 Training, we ensure your dog listens, regardless of the surroundings. We train with the “3 D’s” – distance, duration and distractions. Simply put: how far, how long and with what other things going on can we use to fine-tune your dog’s obedience. We train in real-world environments, not sanitized areas remiss of common distractions.
We work with you and your dog to ensure your dog’s behavior is good both on and off-leash. A common mistake we see is people attempting to train their dog to be completely off-leash without first starting with the foundations of on leash training. Whether our lessons or two-week Board and Train program, we have specifically designed our programs to build your dog’s confidence, obedience, and stability.
Dog Obedience Training Serving Monterey, Santa Cruz, Gilroy, and the Surrounding Areas
By the time you complete dog training with Central Coast: Off Leash K9 Training, your dog should be good at responding to basic commands when on the leash such as come, down, place, sit, and heel among others. It is key is for your dog to respond to even basic commands when there are distractions present. We recommend a leash at first, especially the first lesson, and then gradually move towards off-leash training. There should be a successful and steady progression from one command to the next.
Introduce Distractions
The final step is to introduce distractions into the training. Choosing a place where there are other dogs, cats or people such as a park or commonly walked area is a great option. Follow the same pattern outlined above as well as during your training sessions. If your dog gets distracted, simply go back to earlier training to reinforce stability and commands until you have regained your dog’s focus. Then reintroduce distractions. Remember, it’s about consistency and having a solid foundation of the basics first. Mastering the basics first is an essential block to succeeding with distraction training.
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