In-Home Basic & Advanced Package


This program offers the following:

  • Additional Command Options:
  • Heel (they come running, go around you and sit down right beside your left leg)
  • Watch (stare at you until you release them)
  • Through (go in between your legs and sit down)
  • Stand (they will assume a standing position on command)
  • Front (they will come running and sit directly in front of you no matter where they are)
  • Touch (they will run up and stand up against anything you point to)


Have a busy schedule or just prefer training in your home setting? Not a problem – OLK9 can come to you with our in-home option.

This package is for those who really want their dog to be rock-stars! The training is comprised of eight lessons and includes everything listed in the basic curriculum, as well as extended distance work (dog is 50+ yards away utilizing extended sit/down) and two additional commands of your choice (see below for options). Lessons are generally an hour long and spaced a week apart. E-collar and free 15-foot leash are included in the price of this package!

**To book an in-home package, please call (831) 704-5841**