The Ultimate Top 10 Dog Friendly Bars and Pubs in Santa Cruz, CA

A Canine Lover’s Guide: Dog Friendly Bars and Pubs in Santa Cruz, CA

Picture this: a sunny afternoon in beautiful Santa Cruz, your loyal four-legged friend by your side, and a refreshing drink in your hand. This isn’t just a dream – it’s a reality at the many dog friendly bars and pubs in Santa Cruz, California!

Welcome to Santa Cruz, a haven not only for beach lovers and surf enthusiasts but also for dog owners who love to dine and unwind with their furry friends. In this blog, we’re exploring the 10 best dog friendly bars and pubs in Santa Cruz, CA. These establishments not only welcome your canine companions but also provide a perfect ambiance to relax and socialize. Plus, we’ll dive into why having a well-behaved dog is essential in such social settings and how Central Coast Dog Trainers excel in training dogs for public outings.


Having a well-behaved dog at a bar or pub is crucial for several reasons. It ensures the comfort and safety of other patrons, maintains a peaceful environment, and reflects positively on you as a responsible pet owner. Central Coast Dog Trainers are renowned for their expertise in training dogs to be calm and sociable in public settings, making them the go-to trainers in the area.

dog friendly bars and pubs


**1. Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing**
An organic brewery with a cozy, dog-friendly atmosphere. Enjoy a range of craft beers while your pup lounges by your side. This tops our list for best dog friendly bars and pubs, but the other 9 locations are 100% worth visiting!

**2. West End Tap & Kitchen**
A modern gastropub offering a delightful menu for you and a welcoming space for your furry friend.

**3. Seabright Social**
Known for its vibrant ambiance and spacious outdoor seating, perfect for a day out with your dog.

**4. Gilman Brewing Company**
Indulge in artisanal beers in a laid-back setting where dogs are warmly welcomed.

**5. Discretion Brewery**
A place where good beer, good company, and dogs blend seamlessly.

**6. Steel Bonnet Brewing Company**
Enjoy handcrafted beers in a friendly environment where dogs are just as important as human guests.

**7. Humble Sea Brewery**
A coastal-themed brewery that’s as much a treat for dogs as it is for beer aficionados.

**8. Woodhouse Blending & Brewing**
A unique spot offering a diverse range of beers and a dog-friendly vibe.

**9. Mission West**
Enjoy the historic charm of this pub alongside your four-legged companion.

**10. Shanty Shack Brewing**
A laid-back brewery with a spacious outdoor area, ideal for a relaxing day with your dog.  dog friendly bars and pubs

Santa Cruz, CA, is a paradise for dog owners who love socializing with their pets. The city is known for dog friendly bars and pubs, providing the perfect settings for enjoying a day or evening out with your furry friend. Remember, having a well-behaved dog enriches the experience, and Central Coast Dog Trainers are there to ensure your dog is ready for any social outing. So, leash up, head out, and enjoy the best of Santa Cruz’s dog-friendly establishments!

Off Leash K9 Training Central Coast is here to help you and your dog. Our expert trainers understand the importance of socialization and are dedicated to providing a supportive, positive environment for your dog to develop essential social skills to visit dog friendly bars and pubs.

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