2 Simple Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Diet

2 Simple Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Diet

For a more balanced and nutritious diet, consider organic or natural made foods. Following the below two simple ways to improve your dog’s diet might be just what your pooch is craving! Pre-processed foods often lack the necessary nutrients dogs need to maintain a healthy diet and weight. At Off Leash K9 Training Central Coast, we want to make sure your dog is as healthy as possible. 

If your dog does not have any dietary restrictions or sensitivities, vegetables could be a great addition to their diet. Vegetables are a fantastic source for fiber as they aid with digestion and help anal gland issues. They contain vitamins and minerals, and can help with satiety. Many doctors urge that vegetables be included every day to prevent excess weight gain by dogs. Try incorporating green beans or carrots into their daily meals! Your pup will most likely enjoy potatoes and sweet potatoes – just make sure to use it in moderation. Be mindful that not every veggie is good for your dog, so make sure to double check first.

Consider adding probiotics, fatty acids omega-3, prebiotics (which help healthy gut flora) and glucosamines. Research these and have a discussion with your vet to understand what potential benefits could be present. Many pet food companies have created formulations for animals with medical problems that are intended to address specific health concerns. Health-care meals have grown more specialized recently and could be a good option.  Read the ingredients on your dog’s food. A good rule of thumb:  you should be able to pronounce everything on the label. 

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